Nov 6, 2013

Corfu – Greek Feast

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of dining deals. There’s so much good food in this city and often it’s below the fashion radar. I’m not talking online discount sites, but genuine lunch offers and early birds. So when a mate called me yesterday, for a spur of the moment rendezvous in Temple Bar, I knew we’d find nice nosh at a stone’s throw. Corfu on Parliament Street was the venue. A Greek triumph!

Two courses and a glass of wine (or soft drink) for a tenner makes for a pretty good lunch in my book. Eating in good restaurants for less is a bit like clothes shopping in the sales. D’ya see what I’m saying? The lunch menu at Corfu offers quality over quantity. We started with feta pies, delicious salty cheese spiked with herbs and wrapped in the most delicate filo pastry. Me and my mate ate these on holiday.

My request for vegetarian moussaka was kindly obliged by our lovely waiter, while my pal went for the traditional minced Irish beef version. Mine was a colourful square topped with rocket. Rich in flavour and light of texture, layers of aubergine, peppers and butternut squash were sandwiched between potato, tomato sauce and a fluffy bechamel topping. So simple, so tasty. I was left satisfied, not stuffed.

Corfu offers an extensive menu of trad Greek fare, including impressive mezzedes (mixed platters), souvlaki (charcoal skewered meats) and kleftiko (lamb on the bone). Not to mention home made desserts. Mmmn, baklava… We’ll be back for the mezzedes, for sure. Like tapas, you can sit for hours sipping wine and savouring Mediterranean bites. And gossiping. In a cosy farmhouse atmos to boot.

Corfu, 12 Parliament Street, Dublin 2 /

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