Aug 31, 2011

Feeling Fishy – Yamamori Sushi

As today went on so did my horrible cold. Armed with a box of Solpadeine and a handful of tissues I was determined not to let a snotty nose get in my way. With my appetite compromised by swollen glands I was undecided about lunch. Until I crossed the path of Yamamori on Lower Ormonde Quay – bingo! I knew fish was the answer. A board outside advertises bento boxes, both veggie and bloody, for a tenner. I ordered one from my nice sunlit table at the back of this spacious restaurant.

Green tea first, followed by miso soup and the bento. Yamamori provides a neat little holder with cutlery, chop sticks and a ceramic spoon which is perfect for those of us who can’t quite master oriental utensils! I tucked into salmon fillet & herb butter on a bed of salad greens, beef stew and prawn & tuna sushi served with my choice of brown rice. Just what the doctor ordered. Highlights were the mound of pickled ginger and the tasty miso soup which was full of tofu chunks and wakame. Delicious! / 38 – 39 Lower Ormonde Quay, Dublin 1

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