Mar 9, 2012

Oxfam – Isn’t She Lovely?

Having a nosey in the shops during the week, I was shocked to find the door of Oxfam on George’s Street locked up. Say it ain’t so? Happily, the new Oxfam on South King Street is only a stone’s throw, so I skipped on over pronto for my vintage fix. Remember the Fairtrade shop, where they sold lots of cool hippy stuff? Well, it’s where that used to be, opposite Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre.

Now if the words charity shop make you think of old granny pants, this Oxfam will change your mind. As a longtime bargainista, I’ve found diamonds in the rough on mouldy rails from London to Capel Street. But this place is a different experience. Kitted out with a slick interior and stocked with plenty of nearly new threads, this posh Oxfam blends in nicely with the boutiques on Grafton Street.

With colour coded sections, the store is easy to get around. No more rummaging! Shoes and jewellery are artfully dotted about and there’s a serious magpie’s cabinet in the corner. I spent a good ten minutes examining it’s contents, easily done with my gra for quirky tat. The quality of the gear signals that Oxfam is reaching out to a new audience, who may not have considered second hand before.

I left the dressing room with an armful of lovely things. A pinky tweed coat, a 1970’s suede mini and brand new red wellingtons. All cheap as chips! But my “absolute find” was a 1960’s handmade fur trim gold and turquoise party dress. Love at first sight… The ladies running this gaff are so nice too, their pride in the shop is warming and they told me that business is doing well. I know I’ll be back!

Oxfam, 54 South King Street, Dublin 2


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