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Aug 22, 2013

Cafe du Journal – Monkstown Hub

I love doing things you’re not supposed to do. Like going to the beach in the lashing rain. Whiterock on a dark, mysterious day. Sorrento Terrace on the skyline. All those ancient steps, it seemed as if I was dipping down into the sea. After our wet and wild interlude, me, the folks and my favourite uncle were in need of nourishment. Next stop was Monkstown. A town that ebbs and flows much like the water.

There are plenty of good things in Monkstown right now and Cafe du Journal is one of them. A real neighbourhood hub, the place was buzzing. Mums and babies, happy families, groups of friends and loving couples. I had to smile as a pair of retired gents next door shared a pink marshmallow topped cupcake. How sweet. We were presented with an a la carte lunch menu and a specials menu.

Luckily Cafe du Journal allowed for salady folk like me and Mama and meat ‘n’ two veg types like my uncle. Everyone’s invited to the party! I started with a milky latte, while the others supped tea. Lunch followed with super service from a waitress my Ma recognised as an old school chum of the Bruv’s. She brought a goat’s cheese salad with roasted beetroot, carmelised walnuts and mixed leaves for me.

Uncle enjoyed a trad plaice and chips, Pops had a goat’s cheese and smoked salmon salad and Mama munched mozzarella, tomato and pesto on ciabatta bread, all from the specials menu. Brown bread, fresh from the oven, was hearty as it sounds. Cafe du Journal was such a nice place to be in with it’s book lined walls and homely vibe. We were totally relaxed by the time we left.

Cafe du Journal, 17a Monkstown Crescent, Monkstown, Co. Dublin /

Dec 11, 2012

An Afternoon With Rose Lawless

“It’s like a Recession party” mused the inimitable Rose Lawless. Our favourite cabaret girl was describing Dublin’s creative renaissance. It’s something she’s grasped with relish as her personality, though influenced by Paris and Prague, was born of this great city. Living as she is these days in Georgian Parnell Square, Rose is delighted to find such grand quarters teeming with fellow artists.

“Moore Street is the Montmartre of Dublin” Rose declared “The spirit, the characters, the comedy. It’s all there”. Since the untimely demise of the sorry Tiger, this town is thriving. Dublin has shifted into another gear. The right one, says Rose. “People like us are allowed to go to the party now. The hurt and anger is over and we’re developing a new relationship with ourselves” she paused “It really is la dolce vita”.

We met in the seaside haven of Monkstown and Rose brought me to the delightful Cafe Du Journal. “I love this place” she told me “It’s a real community hub”. A notorious good girl gone wrong, bohemian Rose is naturally attracted to such boltholes. She was found flaunting her gorgeous self at The Hot Spot in Greystones last week, causing her audience to both blush and marvel at her daring darling show.

Rose, of course, was delighted with the reaction. “If we can’t shock, then what can we do?” she asked, wide eyed. Sipping her Americano, Rose filled me in on her upcoming Christmas show in the New Theatre. “The Dazzling Cabaret Revolution!” she beamed “I am fabulously down at heel but still scandalising the masses… And now I’ve got a band and an album on the way too!” She winked boldly.

Rose Lawless, the shabby chic Paris Hilton of Dublin, has come a long way. Underground Rose ran away from boarding school aged sixteen. An anarchist she took a Hungarian lover and found the stage as a burlesque dancer with more than an edge. Her songs celebrate love, sex, sorrow and joy. Only Rose can add such glitter and gore to the kitchen sink drama that is life. A lady and a glamorous tramp!

Looking slinky in an Edith Piaf style black dress, from Lulu French Vintage in Monkstown, Rose glanced out the window and sighed. “Though I am a poor artist, I count that as a blessing” she explained “Toulouse-Lautrec, you know? Beauty comes from poverty”. Indeed, Rose is soon to film a video for her controversial rap song “Up Da Pole” in the city centre. “Like a fash mob, but in our best pyjamas!”

Rose and her comrades will be at the mysterious New Theatre, in the back of Connolly Books in Temple Bar from December 17th to 22nd. With Julie Cruickshank on keyboard, Claire Fitch on cello and Shane Atlas on drums it promises to be a spectacular Rose Lawless cabaret experience. Win a prize for your vintage style and enjoy a dinner deal at nearby La Dolce Vita. Let the fun begin, la vie en Rose! / www.the / The New Theatre, 43 East Esssex Street, Dublin 2