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Oct 3, 2013

Cappuccino Bar – Breakfast of Champions

This is one of those places I’ve walked past a million times, but never gone in. Y’see, despite what it says on the tin, Cappuccino Bar isn’t chic or slick or like a little Italian cafe. There aren’t any cakes in the window. It’s all pizza, paninis and burgers. So, none of the things I like…. But the Bloke loves it. They serve all-day breakfast and it’s next door to his gaff. He doesn’t need fancy decor. Less is more.

When we met for brunch on Saturday, instead of mooching about town deciding what to eat, we went here. He got the Full Irish, I got the Veggie Breakfast. So that was sausage, bacon, eggs, beans and tomatoes for him and mushrooms, eggs, beans, tomatoes and hash browns for me. Cappuccino Bar don’t deal in gourmet fare, but rather straight up grub. Our breakfasts were fresh, fast and very tasty!

Fifteen quid for the pair of us, which included rounds of toast and a pot of tea. It’s a winner! The menu, otherwise, is all about carb loading. Great choice of sambos, wraps and bagels. Not for salady sorts like me, but Cappuccino Bar is a good place to fill up. There are plenty of meal deals including Big Al’s burgers (beef, chicken, veggie or fish) with fries for a fiver. Sit outside for Temple Bar people watching.

Cappuccino Bar, 10 Crow Street, Dublin 2