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Feb 8, 2012

Foam Café – Alice in Wonderland Meets Dorothy

Walking in the door of Foam Café is a bit like stumbling down the rabbit hole and into the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Its higgledy piggledy décor is designed to boggle the senses – every time I go I find something new hanging from the walls. It’s playful and fun and makes me feel that way too!

Just off the Italian Quarter, there’s plenty of space for the gang on Foam’s upstairs sofas, but I popped in today for a bit of down time. It was perfect as the vibe is home from home. Foam from home – ha ha… And I enjoyed some pink goss from next door – thanks for the entertainment boys!

I ordered a latte – I’m a tea lady but Foam’s coffee has converted me – and the open smoked salmon sandwich. Melting into a sofa I picked up one of the many art tomes strewn on my table and munched my lunch at leisure, for that’s the only way to do it in my book. Foam is as good a spot for a solo munch as it is for meeting the gang.

Soft walnut bread spread thickly with cream cheese, and fish layered generously with capers sprinkled on top. I love those salty little devils! The main bite was accompanied by a delicious salad of carrot, coleslaw and mixed leaves. Fresh figs were an exotic touch. A lovely place to lapse into an afternoon carb coma. / Foam Cafe, 24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1

Aug 4, 2011

Flash Feast – A Delicious Day in Dublin

A picnic for the people – that was today’s Flash Feast on Dublin’s Millennium Bridge. The city was well fed all within the lunch hour as I joined the crew from Street Feast who made it happen. Rocking up to the Italian Quarter at midday I didn’t know what to expect when we met in our make shift HQ, Foam Café. Here’s the deal – trestle tables, marquee poles, chairs, bunting, plates, cutlery – all scavenged in the last few days. The food was a mix of pot luck and hot meals from local restaurants either side of the bridge. Bon appetite!

Working to a deadline of 1pm we got to task with decorating, collecting all the donated bits ‘n’ bobs and setting up the scene. Passers by curiosity was piqued as soon as we arrived at Millennium Bridge and ten minutes later a gang of happy eaters were seated and ready to tuck in. Chow was delivered to the urban picnickers courtesy of Foam Café, Milano, Lemon Jelly and many more. Pizza, pasta, pancakes and salad were followed by apple pie and homemade bread with cheese. The buzz was electric at this culinary event.

I shared some tasty morsels with Emma and Claire fromDublin. “It’s fantastic” said Claire “There’s something here for everyone and it’s a chance to meet new people.” Kely and Rodrigo from Brazilwere invited to via Facebook. “We’ve never eaten on a bridge before!” Rodrigo laughed. “It’s really good fun. We love it!” Kely added. Singer and songwriter Matt Ellison got involved after an eleventh hour text and was on hand with his acoustic guitar. “It feels good to be part of this” Matt told me “It’s social. It’s free. It’s a great idea!”

The concept is simple and organic in the way it brings together community with most of the volunteers becoming involved online or through friends. Organiser Samuel Bishop, who is behind Street Feast on 28th August, was delighted with today’s launch. “It’s a way of bringing people together and everyone loves food” Sam explained “Team work is what makes this so easy to do.” The last minute venue announcement also kept Flash Feast a surprise. “That made today special” said Sam “And it breaks down barriers!”