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May 10, 2012

Art in Action – Farmleigh Frolics!

Sunday, Sunday, here again, a walk in the park… Ah, bank holiday Sunday! I’d been out on the razz Saturday nite. Film Fatale showed the brilliant “All About Eve” at the Sugar Club and I chased gin cocktails with pints in Grogan’s and the Exchequer. I brought my sore head out for a morning after bike ride before toasted sambos at The Barge and a nice day out in the Pheonix Park.

Me and a couple of mates spent a lovely afternoon at Art in Action, a sprawling art fair in the grounds of Farmleigh House. The three day showcase was a free event running over the bank holiday weekend and featured art, crafts, music, performance, fun and food. Art in Action celebrates the role of the artist in society and provides a great opportunity to share creativity.

We saw some fabulous art works, which were set up in little studios so we could see the artists in action. It’s inspiring for those with creative leanings and a good place to pick up some skills, for punters who fancy a dabble. Most of the artwork was for sale and there were some very beautiful pieces available at nice prices. And such unusual “where did you get that?” bits too!

There was loads for the kiddies to do – they were high on sunshine, clowns, balloons, art classes and candy floss! We checked out the Blanchardstown Brass Band, had a mooch around the market place where we saw jewellery makers and hand crafters working their magic. Then we wandered over to the Farmer’s Market for some homemade Man of Aran fudge. Mmmn…

I was feeling much better after a good muck around the Pheonix Park and was ready for some dins at last. We came out the other side of the park and took a spin over to The Twelfth Lock on the banks of the Royal Canal in Castleknock Marina. The place was packed and we tucked into burgers and fish and chips. Top nosh. Dessert was “Avengers Assembly” at the flicks – very tasty! /

Sep 26, 2011

Walk Into Autumn – Photos and Magic

I had a packed Sunday lined up. First up was a photography course at Farmleigh in the Pheonix Park. A truly beautiful oasis, I met the gang at midday for Clare Mulvany’s “Walk Into Autumn”. We roamed the grounds snapping away to a soundtrack of live jazz stopping at the Farmer’s Market and the Boathouse Café to refuel along the way.

The course was a great help to a budding photographer like me. Clare guided us through the technical ins and outs of our cameras, as well as supervising our work. She had a keen eye for all things visually pleasing and even got us rolling around in the leaves!

A pit stop in the Dice Bar was much needed before hitting National Museum of Ireland for the Macnas performance closing Absolut Fringe. Collins Barracks was the perfect playground for the Galway theatre company’s magical larger than life production.

As night fell the sky was lit up by fireworks and the air filled with thrilling music as Macnas’ weird and wonderful creatures came to life. They weaved amongst us like fairies and goblins and Irish folklore was alive for adults and kids alike. With some more cool pics I toasted a super day, at the Millenium Bar, with a lovely pint of Guinness!