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Mar 9, 2014

The Cupcake Bloke – Nice Buns!

Mooching about town is one of my fave things to do. I love seeing who’s out to play! The usual townies, hipsters & Irish celebs. Sometimes actual celebs – Beyonce was hanging out in Dublin this week. I didn’t see her at Coppinger Row, where she dined with Jay Z & Blue Ivy. But me & Ma did go for lunch at The Pyg, where none other than Franc was sat next door. Dublin really is a metropolis these days!

I wonder if Bey stopped by The Cupcake Bloke at Coppinger Row Market. We did. I’ve never knowingly walked past cake & it was the super cute owl biscuits that caught my attention. The Cupcake Bloke does the best scones in town too. There was one left – raspberry – and it was calling my name! The savoury scones are yummy. Black pudding & apple, bacon & cabbage. Freshly baked & only two euro.

Cupcakes, naturellement, are the main attraction with a different Flavour of the Day. Full Irish Breakfast anyone? Don’t worry, it’s vanilla flavour. Teenie tiny rashers, sausages & eggs done with sweeties. How clever! There’s Fererro Rocher, carrot cake, banoffi & loads more delish varieties, including gluten-free. Graham is the bloke in the apron & Daithi is the guy behind the stall. Beside Powerscourt Townhouse – Thursday, Friday & Saturday. As a well known cake-spert, they get my vote!

The Cupcake Bloke, Coppinger Row Market, South William Street, Dublin 2

Feb 28, 2014

Article – Cool Stuff

Powerscourt Townhouse. My fave place to window shop in Dublin. I recently read in a book called The Joy Of Less how to go shopping & just enjoy the view. However there are a couple of places in here where I’m happy to get my wallet out. Article is one of them. It’s that kinda place where you go in & say “I wish my gaff looked like this”. Housed in a high ceilinged room, Article looks & feels uber smart.

I popped in during the week in search of an interesting birthday card & found loads of other cool stuff. Furniture was the first thing to catch my eye. Beautifully restored vintage pieces included a super slick 1960s wooden record cabinet & matching lounge chair. Imagine sitting, listening to your fave tunes, retro record player on the top. Stylish. Article has a real knack for sourcing pieces with character.

Spring clean your interior ideas & check out the new stock at Article. Spirograph inspired plates, pastel print tableware & handwoven blankets from Studio Donegal to curl up on the sofa until summer arrives. If you’ve got a wedding coming up, go unique. Cancel the cheque & pick up a contemporary gift at Article. A Matt Pugh carved wooden owl f’rinstance. I love a well made item that’ll last. Y’see, minimalist chic!

Article, Powerscourt Townhouse, South William Street, Dublin 2 /

Oct 16, 2013

The Threepenny Opera – Jazz Hands!

So it was that I met a friend at the theatre on Saturday afternoon. Matinees are such a pleasant way to while away the weekend. I’d had a busy morning, whisking Dad and the Bruv around town in search of a birthday present for Mother. I know, I’m a saint. We ducked in and out all over the Creative Quarter (South William Street & Co), Powerscourt Townhouse and eventually up to Wexford Street. Phew!

We struck gold, or should I say an opal and silver ring, at Djinn Jewellery. Gorgeous contemporary pieces. Designer and maker Simon Phelan advised us with his expert knowledge on gems and wrapped the dainty ring in a cool wooden box. Job done. Back down town and into the belly of Temple Bar, it was Mexico To Rome with the lads for a lunch deal. Burrito and chips with a bottle of Peroni for a tenner. Can’t go wrong!

Off they went, for more shopping (crafty pints), and I made the final stretch up to Parnell Square to The Gate Theatre. A small but smart space, The Gate features a low, open stage. You can catch all of the action, no matter where you’re sitting. Me and my mate were here for The Threepenny Opera, by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. It’s the high octane story of lusty criminal Mac The Knife.

The production opened in style with the Street Singer (David Shannon), a sort of musical narrator, belting out signature tune ” Mac The Knife”. A tale of petty crime, street urchins, silly girls and crooked police, The Threepenny Opera unfolds first in the back street shop of Mr. Peachum (Mark O’Regan) and his formidable wife (Jackie Marks). This pair and their charge, the hapless beggar Filch (Laurence Kinlan) set the tone.

The Threepenny Opera is bawdy, in your face and actually does jazz hands. Brilliant. This version is directed by Wayne Jordan, with musical direction by Cathal Synnott. The cast, both young and vintage, are fresh and full of energy and there is some great voices in the mix. Set in Victorian London, though there’s Dublin accents at The Gate, Brecht and Weill offered a socialist critique of a capitalist world.

And so we are introduced to a cast of scoundrels, drop outs and hopeless romantics. Main protagonist Macheath (David Ganly) is a charming thief who steals the heart of not so innocent Polly Peachum (Charlotte McCurry). Their marriage causes ructions and we are treated to much hilarious to-ing and fro-ing, with Mac dodging the cops and Polly answering to her parents. His cronies add to the mirth.

We learn that Mac has friends in places high and low. His friendship with Tiger Brown (Stephen Brennan), Chief of Police, has kept him out of trouble. But he can’t resist Low-Dive Jenny (Hilda Fay) and her ladies of the night. Mac will never go straight and when Polly discovers a love rival in his other “wife” Lucy Brown (Ruth McGill), all hell breaks loose. The tussle for Mac’s affections land him in jail.

Ganly gives a big and bold performance as the incarcerated Mac The Knife, but it’s his women who steal the show. A scene with McCurry and McGill is great fun with the two gangster’s molls finally bonding over their plight. Hilda Fay shines as the tart with a heart, looking steely and sad all in one go. Mac is to be hanged. Alas, a comical reversal means that Mac is freed and a musical romp ensues.

I suppose the message is, life ain’t all that bad. We’re all in it together. That’s Mac The Knife, Tiger Brown and the Peachums. The beggars and the whores remain in the gutter. The Threepenny Opera, almost a hundred years old, is relevant in any society. The good and the bad triumph over the ordinary, as ever. This production at The Gate is action packed from beginning to end, a feel good take for sure.

The Gate Theatre, Cavendish Row, Parnell Square, Dublin 1 /

Aug 16, 2013

Pyg Cafe – Powerscourt Townhouse Central

Twas a fine day on Wednesday between sunshine and showers. I met a dear friend for lunch. Y’know one of those people you can while away an afternoon with, putting the world to rights. And that we did over some scrumptious bites at Pyg Cafe in Powerscourt Townhouse. I’m no stranger to the Pyg, as it’s one of Momma’s fave haunts. Part of the Pygmalion family, this place does an unpretentious menu.

The Pyg takes up a central spot under the glass ceiling at Powercourt, lending an exotic courtyard feeling. Very cosmo! The staff are delightful and our lovely waitress tucked us into a comfy corner. By day it is the Pyg Cafe, with a lunch menu and by night it the Pyg Restaurant, offering a range of tasty tapas. Me and my pal went for oak smoked salmon with grilled asparagus and a classic Caesar.

We shared a generous portion of sweet potato wedges. I can’t eat in Pyg Cafe without scoffing these bad boys – order some! His salmon came with a perfectly poached egg in a blanket of silky Hollandaise sauce. My Caesar was most definitely up to scratch. Dunno if I’ve mentioned it, but one of my measures of a good restaurant is the quality of it’s Caesar salad. This was sharp, fresh and crunchy.

Satisfied customers, we were ready for round two. A cuppa for me, green tea and chocolate hazelnut cake for him. What, no cake for Lorna you ask? Worry not, my full self did manage to taste a morsel and I can declare this gluten free number as a right go-er. Dark, moist, sweet… Oh, stop! Run by nice people and serving cracking food, I’d recommend going off the beaten track and getting into Pyg Cafe.

Pyg Cafe, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, South William Street, Dublin 2 /

Apr 18, 2012

Lost Society – Fresh As A Daisy!

Twas a bonus sunny afternoon when I met mia Mamma for lunch in town last week. Our default meeting point is the front doors of BT – a sneaky peek at their lipsticks is always on the cards! Now where to? We decided to stick a pin in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, as there’s an abundance of scoffs to be had there. So, up the stairs and into Lost Society with the pair of us.

I didn’t realise that this popular bar and club even did food, as my visits thus far have been nocturnal, but it was the yummy lunch menu that won us over. Sitting out on the terrace in the sunshine had put us in a salady mood. Sharing great taste, we both went for the roast apple and goats cheese salad and a portion of skinny fries. And tea for two, naturellement.

I’d spied some very good looking chips at a neighbour’s table, and we weren’t disappointed with our crispy little fellas! Pretty presentation in a Baroque style wrapper to boot. But the piece de resistance was the main dish. Spanking fresh mixed leaves, and plenty of them, topped with mild goats cheese, hazelnuts and tasty red apple. No dressing. That simple!

When I come to a cafe like Lost Society and experience amazing food at nice prices, I wonder why all eateries can’t do this? Good ingredients are the key. The Mothership’s fave nosh is greens and she was well impressed! We’ll be back to sample more of this most imaginative menu. Attentive service made this a lovely meal, and the guy in charge does such easy charm.

Time for a post munch browse around the Townhouse – rude not to… We enjoyed a mooch about Article, a chic homeware store with seriously covetable retro furniture, quirky objets and gorgeous gifts. Next, a leisurely scan of the newly refurbished Loft Market. What can I say? Delicious dresses, handmade hats and vintage jewellery… Dessert is served Mesdames!

Lost Society, Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin 2 /

Sep 17, 2011

Honest To Goodness – A Sandwich Like No Other

George’s Street Arcade – that old teenage haunt of mine. It’s looking pretty good these days, considering it’s fair share of ups and downs over the years. The record shop in the middle is still there and can’t resist a quick browse. Rude not to! But the great thing the arcade has to offer now is food. There’s Lolly and Cooks, Simon’s Place and Urban Picnic. Today I decided to try out Honest To Goodness – it’s window always looks so inviting with the endless list of yummy sandwich combos. The place is fiercely popular thanks to it’s fresh ingredients and award winning food.

Being a nice hot day I wanted a fresh sambo to take away. Honest To Goodness has a dizzying array of fillings to choose from including some truly imaginative munches. I went for the hummus sandwich on wholemeal bread, which was stuffed with lots of delicious roasted veggies. Honest To Goodness serves homemade smoothies, soups and coffees too, but my thirst was for a nice cold can of elderflower soda. Sitting on the back steps of Powerscourt Townhouse in the sunshine I was transported back to my carefree school days, watching Dublin go by.