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Sep 17, 2011

Honest To Goodness – A Sandwich Like No Other

George’s Street Arcade – that old teenage haunt of mine. It’s looking pretty good these days, considering it’s fair share of ups and downs over the years. The record shop in the middle is still there and can’t resist a quick browse. Rude not to! But the great thing the arcade has to offer now is food. There’s Lolly and Cooks, Simon’s Place and Urban Picnic. Today I decided to try out Honest To Goodness – it’s window always looks so inviting with the endless list of yummy sandwich combos. The place is fiercely popular thanks to it’s fresh ingredients and award winning food.

Being a nice hot day I wanted a fresh sambo to take away. Honest To Goodness has a dizzying array of fillings to choose from including some truly imaginative munches. I went for the hummus sandwich on wholemeal bread, which was stuffed with lots of delicious roasted veggies. Honest To Goodness serves homemade smoothies, soups and coffees too, but my thirst was for a nice cold can of elderflower soda. Sitting on the back steps of Powerscourt Townhouse in the sunshine I was transported back to my carefree school days, watching Dublin go by.