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Apr 12, 2014

Zaragoza – The Real Deal

Looking to break away from our fave haunts, me & the fam were delighted to find new contender Zaragoza, during a recent trek in town. Slap bang in the middle of South William Street (zeitgeist alert) Zaragoza is big & bold. On the day in question I had quite a choppy tum & welcomed their varied, veggie friendly menu. Best Spanish tapas restaurant in Dublin, according to themselves. I’ll be the judge!

The room is bright & airy with great people watching. Inside & outside. The tapas menu was trad with a modrin twist, not all fish guts but stuff folk actually want to eat. I went straight for the green section, as did Madre. Here’s what we had: ensalada de manzana pour Moi, ensalada de pimientos & patatas bravas for Herself. Mine was a delicious rainbow of apples, avocado, blueberries & walnuts. Nectar.

The lads are meatheads & went for the mini pig burgers, croquetas de jamon Iberico & crispy cod in tempura with lemon dill mayo. And more patatas bravas, obviously. The fish came in a cute little fryer basket & the burger was a soft juicy pillow of minced pork cheek. Both were lapped up & washed down with plenty of beer. Posh ale, no less for the Bruv. The wine & cocktail menus remain to be tested…

My salad was just what the doctor ordered & as far as drink was concerned I was on sober street. Our lovely waitress brought me a tummy yummy hot chocolate, which was a glass of hot milk with a chocky lollipop swizzle stick. Sweet melty goodness… Although we were there in the early afternoon, Zaragoza seems like the kind of place that hots up at night. Plenty of room for parties & great food for sharing.

Zaragoza, South William Street, Dublin 2 /