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May 20, 2014

Mushashi – Urban Dining

I’d been told about Mushashi on Capel Street by a couple of townsfolk. Best noodles in Dublin, appara. Me & the Bloke breezed in off the street on a Sunday evening only to find the place heaving. Business as usual for Mushashi, we were turned away & told to make a booking next time. So we did, two weeks later, on a Thursday night. This place is buzzy, busy & fun to be in. It’s all about being part of the city. Dublin’s a metropolis now, y’know!

The sushi is made to order & judging by the turnover here, all of the food is super fresh. Choose from a comprehensive, not to mention mouthwatering, sushi & sashimi menu. Then move on to a great choice of fishy starters, curries, stir fry & noodle dishes. The ramen & Teriyaki next door to us look totes delish. I ordered some prawn & pickled mackerel sushi & Himself tucked into Kushi Katsu (fried pork).

Round two, I munched a Teriyaki tofu steak & the Bloke went for Tatsuta chicken. Mine was absolutely yumsters, to use a technical culinary term. Crispy tofu, marinated & arranged in triangles on a bed of stir fried vegetables. Served with sticky white rice & a bowl of Miso soup, it was filling in that light, healthy Japanese way. His was a tasty soy & ginger marinated chicken breast, crispy fried with egg.

We enjoyed the din of Mushashi, sandwiched as we were between an American family & a gang of Ross O’Carroll Kelly types. Any great people watching spot gets the thumbs up from me. Don’t come here if you want to have a private conversation! But do come if you want fresh, delicious Japanese food at the best prices in town. The atmosphere in Mushashi is charged with the smart, urban Dublin I love.

Mushashi, 15 Capel Street, Dublin 1 /

Oct 6, 2011

Ukiyo – Sing For Your Supper

This place is familiar to many as the karaoke bar on Exchequer Street, but did you know it’s also a Japanese restaurant? That does amazing bento box, wicked cocktails and in my opinion the city’s best late night dancing. The only thing I hadn’t done here was have dinner – and what can I say only noms!

After Mojitos in nearby Dakota we rolled into Ukiyo and the birthday party gang of us were seated at a long bench table – perfect for socialising! I kicked off with a Tokyo Tea – gin, elderflower liquer, Jasmin tea, lemon and Coke – tastes as good as it sounds! Asahi beer all round for my pals.

Now for the nosh. For starter I made easy work of Haru Maki, a spring roll of sirloin beef, sweet potato and peppers – yummy! My main course was Saba–Tatsuta Age, crispy marinated mackerel with salad and rice, it came with a piquant soy. It’s a favourite I’ve had with Ukiyo’s famous 10 euro bento too many times!

Despite what you might assume about Japanese food the portions were generous and the flavours satisfying. Our table was groaning with goodies so it was ideal to swap and share and there really was no room left in our desert bellies… Just as well because the real treat was karaoke. Fifteen of us murdering “Sweet Child O Mine”… / Ukiyo, 7 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

Aug 31, 2011

Feeling Fishy – Yamamori Sushi

As today went on so did my horrible cold. Armed with a box of Solpadeine and a handful of tissues I was determined not to let a snotty nose get in my way. With my appetite compromised by swollen glands I was undecided about lunch. Until I crossed the path of Yamamori on Lower Ormonde Quay – bingo! I knew fish was the answer. A board outside advertises bento boxes, both veggie and bloody, for a tenner. I ordered one from my nice sunlit table at the back of this spacious restaurant.

Green tea first, followed by miso soup and the bento. Yamamori provides a neat little holder with cutlery, chop sticks and a ceramic spoon which is perfect for those of us who can’t quite master oriental utensils! I tucked into salmon fillet & herb butter on a bed of salad greens, beef stew and prawn & tuna sushi served with my choice of brown rice. Just what the doctor ordered. Highlights were the mound of pickled ginger and the tasty miso soup which was full of tofu chunks and wakame. Delicious! / 38 – 39 Lower Ormonde Quay, Dublin 1