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Apr 6, 2014

Rat Neck – Chainsaw Punk!

Rat Neck. Who the hell are they? A post-Punk apocalypse some might say. Four blokes in a Dublin band, others would venture. All I do know is that they’re fast & furious. Rat Neck formed in 2010 & have been steadily taking over the world since their first release on Breaking Tunes “In The Way”. Youtube their rather strange videos, featuring cartoon crazies Barry & Tommo, sketched by drummer Ollie.

So, back to the music. I caught them recently at a private gig, to launch their EP, at The Natural Cut on Wicklow Street. Fuck-off loud guitars, free whiskey & a nice little crowd. What’s not to love? Rat Neck’s set was tight. I saw them again, a couple of weeks later at Fibber Magees. Yup, that old rock spot that I haven’t been in since the Millennium. Ah, the days… And they royally rocked that joint too.

Rat Neck channel a chainsaw energy that just forces you to head bang. Rude not to with my hair. Lead singer Vinny leads the way with his oily undercut swinging to the speeding rhythm of his guitar. Flanked by ice cool bassist Pa & old skool rock guitarist Peter, he lets loose in not quite a Henry Rollins way, but close. Filthy language, of course! Rat Neck’s sound is heavy but the songs are well catchy.

The motley crew at Fibbers tapped a toe, or stomped a bovver boot, to “S.O.M.C” & “No Way Back”. My fave tune “Rohypnol” went down a storm. Rat Neck are a great live band. While making big waves online, I won’t be surprised to see them popping up at venues all over Dublin this summer. If you like Killing Joke, Black Flag or Faith No More, you’ll dig these guys. Old skool noise & then some more. / /

Mar 1, 2012

The Natural Cut – My New Curlfriend

Being more of a hippy chick than a glossy girl, I have to admit that I hadn’t had my locks chopped for more than a year. I know… So there I was with a serious case of bedhead while trying to channel boho waves. Then I got a hair tip off from none other than the Bruv. I was very impressed with his new barnet, a natty makeover on his usual curly mane. He’d been sent to The Natural Cut by his flatmate.

Since our family resemblance covers matching tresses – my brunette curls are only longer than his – I was willing to experiment with his go to hair guru. Ask any lady, switching crimper is scary! One day last week, wrapping up a trip to town, I bit the bullet and nipped into The Natural Cut on Wicklow Street, across the road from Tower Records, to book an appointment. Yikes…

Main shears man Shane Boyd set up The Natural Cut over twenty years ago and their ethos is to keep hair organic and offer an alternative salon experience. As a low maintenance lass I never blow dry or colour my moptop. Just wash and go! The Natural Cut seemed my cup of tea. As it turns out Dublin’s top curl guy, Oliver Cunningham, was free when I popped by so I hopped into the chair then and there.

The antique feel room is such an ambient space – no mirrors, bright lights, loud music, blow dryers or acid smells. The perfect antidote to ghetto fabulous hipster salons. Oliver set about my crazy head with a water spritzer, explaining that curls cut better damp rather than wet. Makes sense! We chatted away about all sorts, having a laugh, as Oliver snipped the bounce back into my bonce.

He talked me out of a fringe too, good advice, and even told me I’ve got Rapunzel hair. Why, thank you Sir! I didn’t leave The Natural Cut with that “just stepped out of a salon” thing that women often get from a grooming sesh. Or a radical new ‘do. No, instead when I caught my reflection in a shop window I was pleasantly surprised to see really nice hair. Mine. Just better. Simples.

The Natural Cut, First Floor, Blue Door, 33-34 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 /