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Mar 9, 2014

The Cupcake Bloke – Nice Buns!

Mooching about town is one of my fave things to do. I love seeing who’s out to play! The usual townies, hipsters & Irish celebs. Sometimes actual celebs – Beyonce was hanging out in Dublin this week. I didn’t see her at Coppinger Row, where she dined with Jay Z & Blue Ivy. But me & Ma did go for lunch at The Pyg, where none other than Franc was sat next door. Dublin really is a metropolis these days!

I wonder if Bey stopped by The Cupcake Bloke at Coppinger Row Market. We did. I’ve never knowingly walked past cake & it was the super cute owl biscuits that caught my attention. The Cupcake Bloke does the best scones in town too. There was one left – raspberry – and it was calling my name! The savoury scones are yummy. Black pudding & apple, bacon & cabbage. Freshly baked & only two euro.

Cupcakes, naturellement, are the main attraction with a different Flavour of the Day. Full Irish Breakfast anyone? Don’t worry, it’s vanilla flavour. Teenie tiny rashers, sausages & eggs done with sweeties. How clever! There’s Fererro Rocher, carrot cake, banoffi & loads more delish varieties, including gluten-free. Graham is the bloke in the apron & Daithi is the guy behind the stall. Beside Powerscourt Townhouse – Thursday, Friday & Saturday. As a well known cake-spert, they get my vote!

The Cupcake Bloke, Coppinger Row Market, South William Street, Dublin 2

Aug 16, 2013

Pyg Cafe – Powerscourt Townhouse Central

Twas a fine day on Wednesday between sunshine and showers. I met a dear friend for lunch. Y’know one of those people you can while away an afternoon with, putting the world to rights. And that we did over some scrumptious bites at Pyg Cafe in Powerscourt Townhouse. I’m no stranger to the Pyg, as it’s one of Momma’s fave haunts. Part of the Pygmalion family, this place does an unpretentious menu.

The Pyg takes up a central spot under the glass ceiling at Powercourt, lending an exotic courtyard feeling. Very cosmo! The staff are delightful and our lovely waitress tucked us into a comfy corner. By day it is the Pyg Cafe, with a lunch menu and by night it the Pyg Restaurant, offering a range of tasty tapas. Me and my pal went for oak smoked salmon with grilled asparagus and a classic Caesar.

We shared a generous portion of sweet potato wedges. I can’t eat in Pyg Cafe without scoffing these bad boys – order some! His salmon came with a perfectly poached egg in a blanket of silky Hollandaise sauce. My Caesar was most definitely up to scratch. Dunno if I’ve mentioned it, but one of my measures of a good restaurant is the quality of it’s Caesar salad. This was sharp, fresh and crunchy.

Satisfied customers, we were ready for round two. A cuppa for me, green tea and chocolate hazelnut cake for him. What, no cake for Lorna you ask? Worry not, my full self did manage to taste a morsel and I can declare this gluten free number as a right go-er. Dark, moist, sweet… Oh, stop! Run by nice people and serving cracking food, I’d recommend going off the beaten track and getting into Pyg Cafe.

Pyg Cafe, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, South William Street, Dublin 2 /