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Mar 10, 2012

Cars Love Girls – Skip School

Last night saw hot Dublin band Cars Love Girls launch their debut album “Skip School” at the Workman’s Club. I rocked along to the shabby chic music venue on Wellington Quay – blood red walls and rickety furnishings give this place a lived in look that just about works. Somehow I couldn’t picture the stylish Cars Love Girls on the ancient stage but it turns out they can add gloss to any room.

CLG kicked off with “These Girls” a sing along tune that brought me back to the Top Hat roller disco circa 1986. I wasn’t the only one basking in retro vibes, as the crowd swayed to the band’s easy mix of luxurious riffs and melodic vocals. With winning brother and sister combo Bres and Orla working in harmony with an accomplished band, the songs are high tempo floor fillers that play so well live.

I wasn’t surprised to hear CLG single “Lose Your Mind” playing in one of my fave boutiques last week. Their stuff is seriously radio friendly. Bres’ obvious musical talent shines through but it’s Orla, all skinny jeans and cheekbones who has potential to own the stage. She’s the sort of blonde front woman who transcends Topshop cool and I think as her persona develops so too will the bands success.

But if songs are the bottom line then CLG have certainly got the goods. “Skip School” has all kinds of moments from Prince to Kate Bush to Fleetwood Mac but it’s the palpable feeling of “Pretty in Pink” or just something of another era that strikes a chord with me. Maybe a lady of certain vintage like moi can appreciate a Sunshine 101 worthy guitar solo but I do see the crossover to a greener audience.

My fave tune is the epic “Funny Little Thing” and CLG have saved the best ’til last. I love how the whole band got stuck into it, Bres melting into his guitar and Orla reaching the high notes as deep as she would a whisper. This one is a kissing at the disco slow number too. And that’s what I think CLG are all about. For all the delicious New York sexy licks there’s a universal boy girl theme to their lyrics.