Apr 26, 2012

The Market Bar – Tasty Morsels

I was on my way home the day after a friend’s wedding, when I got an “Are you in town?” call. Well, I was nearly there! It was a glorious day, so I dumped my overnight bag at Rainbow Cottage and headed for the city centre. Me and my pal went through a list of our fave haunts, as we strolled through Temple Bar. Until I suggested The Market Bar. My girlfriend has a real thing about this place!

The Market Bar has long been a Dublin staple, with punters enjoying the din of conversation instead of music and contemporary tapas instead of Mammy dinners. It was a late Saturday afternoon and we had plenty of space in the cavernous room. And we still managed to bump into an old mucker. That’s town for ya! We settled in and took our pick from the delicious tapas menu.

Feta and Chorizo salad, patatas bravas, nachos and fish skewers. Noms! Sharing food with friends is great fun as you get the best of everything and end up trying things you wouldn’t order yourself. The Market Bar serves generous portions too. Salty bites were going a long way to soak up the excesses of my wedding, but some sugar would deffo take the edge off. Ah sweet cake…

We divided the calories of a hot saucy chocolate brownie with two spoons. Tea, natch, came in tall glasses. Very Continental. Although The Market Bar was a Celtic Tiger hotspot, the Fade Street restaurant has a timeless appeal with its communal benches, open kitchen and informal service. I didn’t require liquid refreshment, but The Market Bar has plenty on tap to wet your whistle.

The Market Bar, 14a Fade Street, Dublin 2 / www.marketbar.ie

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