Apr 28, 2012

The Riptide Movement Rock The Academy

When my mate was looking for bods to go see The Riptide Movement at The Academy last Saturday, she raved about how great this band is. I must admit that I’d heard of these lads but I didn’t know their stuff. A crafty gander on Youtube and I was impressed with the tunage. Sign me up! The gang met in The Oval on Middle Abbey Street for apres gig pints and chips for dinner.

The Academy is a smart venue, anyone who was a regular of Spirit back in the day will be familiar with the layout. Old folk that we are, we got comfy upstairs on the balcony, with a nice view of the moshpit. The Academy’s stage is quite big relative to the size of the place, a bonus for bands. This gaff inspires a dream sequence of my teenage nights in the Tivoli. When I used to be down the front…

It wasn’t long before The Riptide Movement were storming the stage. Their sound is billed as folk rock but I think it’s that with a good injection of testosterone. I’m channeling Led Zep as they tore through a stomping “Shake Shake”. There’s a retro feel to The Riptide Movement that’s unstudied and feeds the type of on stage adrenalin that makes great live music. A proper man’s band.

Lead singer, Mal Tuohy, took the spotlight with his rich gravelly vocals and electric blue guitar, owning the stage during “Alive Inside”. As far as rock star crushes go, this guy has got what it takes. In spades. A cross between George Best and Jim Morrison, Mal is a good old fashioned strappin’ fella. Quite a refreshing change from the usual metro Nancy boys. And talented to boot.

The front row were seriously wigging out and it’s obvious that this is the sort of band The Academy is made for. Wall to wall sound, the band filled the room. Clapping, chanting and singalongs, The Riptide Movement know how to work their audience. They’re a natural band that fans can believe in. Honest rock ‘n’ roll. And a comedy drummer too, who can play with kit on his head!

The band got rootsy with “Oh Row the Rattlin’ Bog” a real crowd pleaser, ensuing a fantastic jam by musicians who clearly know each other inside out. The Who came to mind as they slid into a slow number, all rusty vocals and soaring guitars. Next up was a brass section and female vocalist for “Without You” and then the didgeridoo in a zen-like “Roll On Train”.

The Riptide Movement are a band who truly understand music. Soulful yet raw, they go where the energy takes them. And us. One of those unforgettable Dublin nights. That’s entertainment as Paul Weller once said. Mal took us to the heights with his voice coming from deep inside for “Hot Tramp” as the whole building got high on JPR Dalton’s sweet anthem guitar.

We promised to buy their new album “Keep On Keepin’ On” as the lads bid us farewell. Certainly this hardworking band deserve success, not just because of the pure graft in staying up all night signing sleeves, playing a matinee gig and then tonight’s roof raiser. But because they have potential to be Ireland’s next big thing. Everything about them is authentically good.

The Riptide Movement saw us out with a rip roaring “Keep On Keepin’ On”. A class act. We stayed in The Academy, in need of a few more Paulaners after our toe tapping antics. Then the dance floor started up with Propaganda and The Postman on DJ duty. We liked what we heard and decided to ditch our pipe and slippers and get down with the kids. Proper old skool choons!

www.trm.ie / The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1 / www.theacademydublin.com

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