Jun 30, 2016

The Tram Café – All Aboard For Lunch!

IMG_0601I’ve been dying to check out the Tram Café ever since it pulled up to Wolfe Tone Square (the side of Jervis Shopping Centre to you & me). Such a cool idea, there was much fanfare when the tram first arrived. Well, I gotta say I wasn’t disappointed today. Dad was the perfect lunch date, being something of a transport buff (train spotter) himself. Stepping on board the tram is just brilliant. I don’t know why!

IMG_0549Our super-friendly waiter showed us to our seats. All are window-side, needless to say, with booths and roundy tables for two. There’s a counter at the back, behind which the kitchen busies away. Lovely cakes were on display, always a winner with me! A nice spot for tea & cake (duly noted), but we had arrived with rumbling bellies. The lunch menu includes a daily soup and hotpot and a daily special sandwich.

IMG_0559Dad went for the soup and sambo combo; Broccoli and Kale Soup with a Dubliner toasted sandwich on granary with chicken, cheese, caramelised onion and grapes. A grand big bowl of rustic soup arrived, the stuff of a hearty lunch. I ploughed through a good wedge of toasted Focaccia filled with goat’s cheese, sundried tomato, rocket and basil pesto, with a delish mini superfood salad on the side.

IMG_0555I’d go as far as saying it’s the best sandwich I’ve had in Dublin in a while. In terms of quality ingredients, value and service, the Tram Café is bang on. There’s plenty of places where you’d part with good money for a ropey old sambo and a crappy coffee. Here you get great food at a fair price, with gorgeous smiley staff to boot. The buzzy atmos is not just down to the tram itself. It’s a well thought out concept.

IMG_0558The beautiful vintage tram has a story of its own, of course. Found in a field in Cavan, lovingly restored by Dave and John and brought to Dublin in all its shiny retro nostalgia, the Tram Café evokes a bygone era. No generic Starbucks fit-out here. The emerald green exterior, wood panelling, soft lighting and 1920s music all make for a glamorous, old skool experience. It’s such a nice escape from modrin life.

IMG_0609The tram was built in 1902 by Brill in Philadelphia and spent most of it’s working life in Lisbon, Portugal. There’s a deadly photo story of the tram’s refurbishment inside, so you can follow the journey from ruin to former glory. There’s seats outside too, so there’s plenty of room for everyone. This particular part of Town is not known for it’s rich culinary landscape, so the Tram Café is a welcome addition.

www.thetramcafe.com / The Tram Café, Wolfe Tone Square, Dublin 1

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