Sep 23, 2011

To Arthur! And Oil Can Harry’s!

As Paris Hilton once said “You should live everyday like it’s your birthday”. Or Arthur’s Day at least. Pour the pints and they will come. On Thursday 22nd I found myself propping up the bar at Oil Can Harry’s on Lower Mount Street. It’s been years since I’ve been to this particular watering hole and it hasn’t changed much from the gig venue that I used to haunt in my college days. Still a great “old man” pub, with plenty of nooks to cosy away an evening.

With all drinks at 3.50 in honour of Arthur, we got stuck into lovely creamy pints of the black stuff.  What else? Oil Can Harry’s is a family run joint, a warm and welcoming place where we joked and chatted with locals. If Cheers was in Dublin… Some characters! Serious soakage was called for if your Girl Friday was to last the night so I consulted the chef, once we’d polished off a few of the free nibbles. We filled up on delicious burgers with pineapple relish and chunky chips. And still room for another pint…


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