Feb 21, 2012

Urban Picnic – Blueberry Tuesday!

Ooh what shall I do today? A bit of an aimless wander around always does my soul good. It’s the best way to stumble upon new places, bump into friends or meet nice people. I love seeing what’s happening in town. New Oxfam opening on South King Street this Friday – delicious dresses in the window! All I knew was that I wanted pancakes. After a little mooch I found myself in George’s Street Arcade, an old teenage haunt of mine. Urban Picnic – bingo! I’ve been here for lunch with pals a few times and was very impressed with their nosh.

Urban Picnic ticks all the boxes for a cosy cost effective munch. The food has that homemade taste good factor with a short menu offering lunch staples from soup to thai chicken curry and daily specials. I got in before the crowd today and chef Vinny told me I was the lucky first to get my mitts on freshly whipped blueberry pancakes. The fluffy stack came drizzled with syrup and a lovely cup of tea. Douze point for leaving the tea bag in and serving in a great big cup.

As I tucked in, Vinny agreed that many of his customers had the same nostalgic memories of the arcade as I have. But it has to be said the place has a great vibe at the moment, having had its ups and downs over the decades. Urban Picnic has been here for two and a half years and Vinny told me how the arcade has become more foodie focused, with gastro neighbours Simon’s Place, Honest to Goodness and Lolly & Cooks. Vinny’s plans include a new Saturday menu offering brunchy fare like homemade beans on thick toast. Yummy – I’ll eat that!

Urban Picnic, George’s Street Arcade, Dublin 2

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