Jul 24, 2012

World Street Performance Championship 2012

Saturday morning – my fave part of the week! There was already plenty of action on my doorstep by midday, with the World Street Performance Championship cranking up in Merrion Square. I’d been out dancing all night at the Back to the Future Enchantment Under the Sea Dance in the Sugar Club and was lolling in my PJs when my mate rang, on her way. I was dressed and out the door in zero to ninety.

First stop the Kilkenny Shop and their newly refurbished restaurant – it’s not just for tourists y’know! We scored delicious goats cheese tartlets with rainbow salads for a bargain tenner each. Why can’t all food people do top scran at this price? Dessert was Butlers coffee and a free sweetie which we ferried over to the park. The place was jammers and my girlfriend grimaced as I removed my take away lid as usual…

A sense of fun filled the air with a real Alice in Wonderland feel – umbrellas and lanterns hung from the trees, kids swung in hammocks and there were performers dotted around everywhere. The big acts were scheduled at three main areas in the park and there was plenty of ice cream, hot dogs and fizzy pop to munch while watching. I must say I was very impressed with whole set up. The sunshine helped too!

It was a real family day out with lots of children’s activities – we sat down on a handy sofa while a gang of sugar crazed little boys dived on top. Coffee meet dress – oops… That got me back with the programme, so we checked out our first act – Kamikaze Fireflies. A guy ‘n’ gal duo who impressed us with their circus skills. Cube twirling, stilt walking, fire dancing, juggling and lashings of Yankee banter.

The piece de resistance was when they coaxed a punter to step up onto the chick’s pelvis while she bent over backwards into a crab. Bravo! I’d heard this pair on the wireless during the week, and poor Ray D’Arcy wouldn’t step up. Next we found a couple more pals, who had a nice picnic rug laid out front near the mound. Time for a sit down and 2 On 1 – a couple of all dancing acrobatic cool dudes from NYC.

These lads were seriously funny, while doing a brilliant line in beatbox, bin drumming, break dancing and back flips and of course getting the audience involved. One game Dad was stripped of his shirt – fair play to him standing next to the super buff pair, whose topless efforts certainly put a smile on our faces. Once we’d cooled down, we moved on to Jonathan Burns – the human pretzel. One bendy fella…

A cross between Napoleon Dynamite and Pee Wee Herman this chap had us in stitches with his saucy talk while wincing at his double jointed antics. The kids loved him and he had a bunch of little helpers joining in, twisting himself through everything from a tennis racquet to a toilet seat. It was time for another munch and we tucked into dinner from Crepes in the City. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for afters.

Australian acrobat Reuben Dot Dot Dot and his twenty foot pole – ooh er Missus! – were a sight to behold. Like a bird, he took to the sky atop the pole, spinning on one hand. It was a masterclass in strength and discipline. Our last show was husband and wife duo Cirque No Problem, who brought a vibe of old school vaudeville circus to their trapeze act. Silly but smart, they built up to a swinging finale.

They proved to be a talented family, when their baby wrapped the show with her very own balancing act. A star in the making! We were well and truly flaked out, so it was back to the ranch for tea and maybe a drop of something stronger… The World Street Performance Championship was a fantastic day out, bigger and bolder than ever before. They can all come back and play in my back yard anytime!


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